… my cough is still here, folks.  And I feel like beating it out of me!

… the song Little Bitty Pretty One by Bobby Day always reminds me of the movie Matilda.  You know the one.  She makes pancakes while it’s playing!  It also makes me want to get up and dance.

… tried a new Maybelline Falsies masacara and am actually impressed with how much thicker my lashes look.  Not loving how hard it is to get off though.

… I’ve been eating popcorn almost every night because my dad makes it and can’t finish (or shouldn’t finish) the whole bag.  I feel fat.

… thinking of starting up Insanity again.  Eek!  The one and only time I did it left me hobbling for like a week.  No bueno.

… I grew up watching the James Bond movies (you know, the good ones with Sean Connery and Roger Moore).  I was thinking of buying the set but holy cow it’s almost $200 for the complete collection!

… felt a little silly taking this pic of myself, but meh.  I’m happy it’s the weekend! 🙂