Last week Saturday, Bryce and I went to the 50th State Fair!  I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to go, but Bryce made it a point since he knew I really wanted to go.  Two words you guys.  Funnel cake.  Until then, I had never had some before.  I know right.  So I decided it was about time. 🙂  It did NOT disappoint!  Too bad I can only have it once a year…

The Fair is fun, but so expensive.  We spent $40 on rides, $30 on games, and I’m not even sure how much on food.  But it’s once a year, so we splurged!

On another note, I’m getting old.  No really.  When I was a kid, I would ride all the insane rides by myself because nobody else in my family could do it without barfing.  The exhilarating feeling of hanging upside down or spinning rapidly was just something I loved.  And now?  I still love them.  But I’ve noticed that I start feeling sick!  Not to the point where I need to vomit or anything, but I need to take a moment to steady myself.  Bryce and I make sure we go on an empty stomach and ride everything first before eating.  It’s to the point where I think about the rides we rode and start feeling sick haha.  How sad.

Anyway, we had a great time.  We even got to see a pig race!  And even though my pig lost all 3 rounds, it was super cool!

What do you like to do at carnivals/fairs?  Does anyone else have the same problem as me?