Yesterday Bryce found out he didn’t pass the bar exam.  He was expecting it, so I think I was more shocked than him.  Surprisingly, he took it really well and is super motivated to pass the second time around.  He wasn’t fazed much  until he found it he missed it by 1 stinkin’ point.  But even with that disappointment, he was more irritated with himself than distraught.  Basically I’m trying to say that he did not act like how you would picture someone who’s just failed the bar.  And if we’re being real, he was distracted by the NBA finals at some point because the Miami Heat are his team and well, they made it all the way.  So he admitted he could have put more time into it.  Personally, I don’t know how he could have studied all day every day.  It’s not like he didn’t study during the finals.  Anyway.

You know what he said to me?  “Quitting bothers me more than failure.  Failure can be a good thing if you know how to use it.  If you break down and mope, it’s bad.  But if you use it to drive you and you learn from it then it can be good.  Failing is only the end if you let it be.”

I’ve got a pretty smart one, don’t I?  He’ll make a pretty good role model to our kids one day.  So here’s to looking at our failures in a positive way and not sweating the small stuff (even if the bar exam is big stuff). 🙂  (I really need to be more positive like this)

I started my Master’s program.

I celebrated a birthday.

I went shopping with birthday money instead of depositing it into my saving’s account. 🙂

I learned that I need to take it easy on myself.

I forgot to pay my cell phone bill. Oops.

I went on a sunset boat cruise.

I went on a gorgeous hike.

I learned I need to pace myself better with schoolwork so I don’t feel guilty about doing it while Bryce is over on weekends.

I rediscovered what a great bf Bryce is when he tagged along to the library with me on a Sunday so I could finish an assignment.

I spent a fortune at the vet for my poor baby (she’s developing arthritis and has an ear infection).

I’ve passed out on my bed and books while reading several times.

Conclusion?  I need a vacation.

After spending 24 days apart (the longest we’ve ever been separated!), Bryce and I reunited three weekends ago.  I took Monday off so we could have a long weekend together and it was fantastic.

The weekend actually started off with me getting together with my best friend Krystn to have dinner, catch up, and watch Magic Mike.  While the movie was terrible (and by terrible I mean I could barely suppress awkward giggles – you’re not seeing it for the storyline, obviously), we laughed tons and took pictures like this:













Then on Saturday, I picked Bryce up and we had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.  I was having major cheesecake cravings and needed to go. 🙂












Clearly people like sticking their fingers up my nose haha!

I’m not even sure what else we did that weekend after my cheesecake coma, but what I do remember is Bryce making me laugh more than I’ve ever laughed before and soaking up the splendid feeling of feeling so loved.  We did not have one bad moment that weekend and we were just so happy to be back with each other that we didn’t let anything bother us.  I loved every single moment!

Check out my next post to see what we did on my Monday off :).

Last year Bryce and I went on a short trip to Kauai.  I think it was the trip with the most activities we had ever planned.  Ok, that I planned.  🙂

One of the things we did was tubing!  If you ever visit Kauai, I highly recommend doing this.  It was super super fun and the tour guides who take you down the river (it’s actually an old irrigation ditch) are fun and knowledgeable about the area.  We took a disposable water proof camera because I’m very big on documenting things.  After we got back, I never developed the film and completely forgot about it until this past weekend when I found the camera!  Here are some of those pictures:


Here you can see how everyone entered the irrigation ditch.  You kind of just plop into the tube very awkwardly.

Kind of an awkward picture… but it’s the only one with both of us in the water :-P.

View of the ditch.  It gets more narrow!

Leaving one of I think 5 tunnels!

Sometimes you had to paddle to move or pull yourself forward along the sides if you got stuck (which you know happened to me).  Although I think Bryce was trying to chase me here.

If I look uncomfortable it’s because I was ;-).

And finally, have you seen the movie Tropic Thunder?  This was where the panda scene was filmed (where the bamboo is)!  Needless to say, Bryce was super excited about this and insisted on taking a picture haha.

In a way I’m kind of glad that I rediscovered my camera.  I got to relive the fun memories!

Have you done anything fun this summer?  Mine is about to begin this weekend when I get to see Bryce again :).  He’s done with the bar (for now)!  Hopefully he’s done with it forever.  I’m super excited to see him again.  Have a good weekend, friends!

After reading about the terrible tragedy this morning that occurred in Aurora, Colorado, I was moved to tears and I am reminded that each day is a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Even though life gets crazy more often than not, I am so lucky to be alive, have a roof over my head, have food in my belly, and have loving family and friends around me.  So today I’d like to send my love to you, wherever you are, and please be safe.


You guys, it’s summer!  I love summer.  Summer means things slow down at work, I see Bryce more often (meh, not so much this time haha), and good movies!  I’ve seen a couple people post their summer to-do lists and thought it would be a good idea to make one myself so I can make the most of my last free summer before starting school again.  So here we go!

  1. Go to the beach at least once.  I may live in Hawaii, but for some reason I hardly make it to the beach.  I know, it’s very sad.  Part of the reason is that Bryce doesn’t like sand going all over the place and I hate finding parking.  But I’m determined to go and get a tan!
  2. Read a book.  Preferably while tanning on the beach. 🙂
  3. Get a mani/pedi with fun colors.
  4. Practice taking pictures with my DSLR and learn how to edit them all fancy.
  5. Hike with Bryce.  Maybe Mariner’s Ridge or Makapuu Lighthouse.








What’s on YOUR summer to-do list?


Confession: I really like Kate Middleton.  First of all, I’m jealous she married Prince William.  And secondly, I love her style!  She always looks so poised and appropriate while also being practical.  Plus, she comes off as being so genuinely nice and does not seem to flaunt anything.  Kate can get her glam on or dress it down.  I actually follow two blogs that follow her fashion.  Here are some of my favorite outfits of hers!

This was cute because just look how happy she looks when Wills walks by!  It’s just so adorable.

I love this color on her!  And I think she’s starting to step out of her comfort zone and be more risky in what she wears.

Honestly, I just love this color.  And I love the hat.  She makes me want to wear fancy hats all the time!

This was a coat over a dress so I was super impressed with how well everything matched!

I was trying to find some more pictures of her dressed down, but this is pretty much the look I love.

Can you say obsessed?

My dog likes to climb on top of the couch.  Sometimes she lies up there.  What a silly girl.

Happy Father’s Day!