1. This is by far the worst cold my throat has ever been through.  Until this morning, it hurt me to even swallow my saliva.  Eating was painful.  Thank goodness it’s finally getting better.
  2. Drool.  Good grief.  I’ve never drooled so much in my life before.  I’ve woken up a couple times with drool just hanging out of my mouth!  Ick.
  3. Tea and I have become best friends.  It’s the only thing that soothes my throat.  My mom tried to convince me to add honey to it, but hot sweet tea tastes funny to me.
  4. Props to my mom for basically feeding me when I don’t want to feed myself and always boiling water for my tea.  She’s sick too, so I’m lucky to have such a caring mom.
  5. The medicine my doctor prescribed to me is SUPER strong stuff.  I feel drowsy literally 5 minutes after ingesting it.  Truthfully, I was a little worried about taking it because it’s a narcotic.  It seems to be helping me though.  I’m just not used to taking such strong medicine.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!