After spending 24 days apart (the longest we’ve ever been separated!), Bryce and I reunited three weekends ago.  I took Monday off so we could have a long weekend together and it was fantastic.

The weekend actually started off with me getting together with my best friend Krystn to have dinner, catch up, and watch Magic Mike.  While the movie was terrible (and by terrible I mean I could barely suppress awkward giggles – you’re not seeing it for the storyline, obviously), we laughed tons and took pictures like this:













Then on Saturday, I picked Bryce up and we had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.  I was having major cheesecake cravings and needed to go. 🙂












Clearly people like sticking their fingers up my nose haha!

I’m not even sure what else we did that weekend after my cheesecake coma, but what I do remember is Bryce making me laugh more than I’ve ever laughed before and soaking up the splendid feeling of feeling so loved.  We did not have one bad moment that weekend and we were just so happy to be back with each other that we didn’t let anything bother us.  I loved every single moment!

Check out my next post to see what we did on my Monday off :).