Last year Bryce and I went on a short trip to Kauai.  I think it was the trip with the most activities we had ever planned.  Ok, that I planned.  🙂

One of the things we did was tubing!  If you ever visit Kauai, I highly recommend doing this.  It was super super fun and the tour guides who take you down the river (it’s actually an old irrigation ditch) are fun and knowledgeable about the area.  We took a disposable water proof camera because I’m very big on documenting things.  After we got back, I never developed the film and completely forgot about it until this past weekend when I found the camera!  Here are some of those pictures:


Here you can see how everyone entered the irrigation ditch.  You kind of just plop into the tube very awkwardly.

Kind of an awkward picture… but it’s the only one with both of us in the water :-P.

View of the ditch.  It gets more narrow!

Leaving one of I think 5 tunnels!

Sometimes you had to paddle to move or pull yourself forward along the sides if you got stuck (which you know happened to me).  Although I think Bryce was trying to chase me here.

If I look uncomfortable it’s because I was ;-).

And finally, have you seen the movie Tropic Thunder?  This was where the panda scene was filmed (where the bamboo is)!  Needless to say, Bryce was super excited about this and insisted on taking a picture haha.

In a way I’m kind of glad that I rediscovered my camera.  I got to relive the fun memories!

Have you done anything fun this summer?  Mine is about to begin this weekend when I get to see Bryce again :).  He’s done with the bar (for now)!  Hopefully he’s done with it forever.  I’m super excited to see him again.  Have a good weekend, friends!