Confession: I really like Kate Middleton.  First of all, I’m jealous she married Prince William.  And secondly, I love her style!  She always looks so poised and appropriate while also being practical.  Plus, she comes off as being so genuinely nice and does not seem to flaunt anything.  Kate can get her glam on or dress it down.  I actually follow two blogs that follow her fashion.  Here are some of my favorite outfits of hers!

This was cute because just look how happy she looks when Wills walks by!  It’s just so adorable.

I love this color on her!  And I think she’s starting to step out of her comfort zone and be more risky in what she wears.

Honestly, I just love this color.  And I love the hat.  She makes me want to wear fancy hats all the time!

This was a coat over a dress so I was super impressed with how well everything matched!

I was trying to find some more pictures of her dressed down, but this is pretty much the look I love.

Can you say obsessed?