Well it’s been a frustrating week for me.  I’ve been battling the weirdest cold I’ve ever had.  Seriously, I don’t even know what I have.  I’m constantly tired, my throat hurts on and off, and my nose runs whenever it feels like it.  Cold medicine doesn’t seem to help, but napping sure feels good.

But honestly, that’s not the most frustrating part.  Bryce started his bar prep class on Monday (yep, the day after graduating).  I know I probably complain a lot about not seeing him.  And I do realize that there are far worse situations than mine.  But I just miss the guy so dang much.  His class goes from 6-9:45 pm most days, and when he’s not in class he has to work on the assignments.  We haven’t talked unless he’s driving somewhere.  So I have to stay up late to talk to him (which has been hard with my cold haha).

I knew this was coming.  Really, I did.  I was going into summer thinking how little I’d see him until the end of July.  But it became a reality this week.

Apparently I have to put on my big girl shoes a lot sooner than I anticipated.  I’ll get through this.  My friends may just be seeing more of me than they want to. 😛