Skyped with my sister yesterday!  It was the first time seeing her face since she left.  We were really excited to finally get to speak to her.  Emails just don’t cut it.  Plus, it was proof that she’s alive!  You know, for my mom.  Who asks me every so often if I think she’s alive.  For reals.  Isn’t technology wonderful?

She’s doing well!  Still adjusting to the colder weather (it’s constantly in the 50’s, which is cold for us Hawaii peeps).  Her host mom is really nice.  And luckily, they have a cute dog named Choco!  She’s having some camera issues, so I’m thinking I may need to get a camera for her (I can’t stand the fact that she’s abroad with a dysfunctional camera).  However, hearing her stories and all the fun that she’s having was awesome.  I’ll just share one of them.  When she arrived at one of the train stations, she couldn’t find an elevator so she had to lug her big suitcase and carry ons up the stairs.  Apparently an old man with a cane helped her up the stairs (and even carried the huge suitcase!).  Randi didn’t know how to react because she didn’t want him to strain himself.  Ok, that may not have sounded as funny through text, but I promise when she told us the story it had us all cracking up!

Anyway, just wanted to share that she’s doing well.  I make fun of my mom, but I have to admit it was nice to see her after so long.  I knew she’d be ok.  The big sister in me is so proud!