Ok guys, here’s my first vacation recap!  Warning: this is going to be a picture filled post.

This was our longest vacation together (it beat out Disneyland), but it actually felt like it went by really fast! Day 1 was the worst.  I was adjusting to the cold (ok, I never really did get used to 50 degree weather), we walked ALL over the place after arriving in the early morning since we couldn’t check in, and got back to the hotel late.  By the end of the day I could barely walk!  Anyway, to give you an idea (if you know the area) our hotel was close to downtown and we walked through Union Square, up through Chinatown, and all the way to Fisherman’s Wharf.  Google it.  It’s a lot of mileage.  But here are the pics to prove we still had a good time!

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Only 1 in 3 people can roll their tongue!                                              3D walkway

Bryce and Optimus Prime                                      A wedding dress made out of toilet paper!

Bryce is tall…                                                                …and I am short haha.




Entrance                                                                Tea shop where you can taste for free but buy in bulk

Fisherman’s Wharf



The only day I ever wore sunglasses…                                                  There was a merry go round!

Which we totally rode with no shame 🙂


Seal lions at Pier 39! They were fun to watch.



The sunset from Alcatraz was so pretty!  We were able to see the sky turn so many colors.









We were so cold after our Alcatraz tour that we had to get chowder!  It totally lives up to it’s reputation.

Crab spinach and artichoke dip w/ toasted sourdough bread! Their famous chowder in sourdough bread bowl. Delish!


That’s pretty much day 1!  I know, we did a LOT.  Believe me, my feet remember it well.  Hope you enjoyed looking at these!  I’ll post the others slowly. 🙂