A couple months ago I bought myself a smash book after having read about one on Much Love, Illy‘s blog.  I’ve always thought about scrapbooking, but it seemed so stressful to start.  Everything would need to be perfect since it’ll be something to look at for years and years.  I don’t do good with pressure, folks.  But the smash book seemed so much more informal.  An on-the-go type of thing.  Which I LOVE.  This way, I can just throw things in there.  It’s so handy that the pen has a glue stick on one end!  And there’s lots of fun accessories that you can get, including some washi tape.  The books come in a variety of colors, but you know I had to get the pink one.  If you haven’t seen the video yet, take a look:

Smash Book

Looks fun right?  Well I got mine and then I let the book sit around for a while.  I was having a hard time deciding how I wanted to go about using it.  I knew it would be something I’d love to take while traveling so I can write it in and put pictures inside RIGHT AWAY.  But I also knew I’d love to keep knick knacks and things inside.  Finally, I decided I’d need to keep the two separate or I’d lose my mind.  Seriously.  I’m crazy like that.

And voilà!  I started my first two pages (and ordered another book)!












The page with the polaroid pictures is my favorite.  I wanted to include them so I could always see my dogs and my family even while I’m traveling.  I didn’t put Bryce because I assumed I’d be with him anyway.  I think.  The second page is just a compilation of fun magazine cutouts.

What do you think?  I’ll be taking it for a test run next month in San Fran!  I’m really excited to finally have a way to preserve memories before I forget I want to preserve them.  Know what I’m saying? 😉