I know I’ve yet to share my Biggest Loser transformation, but it’s in the works!  Most days I still feel like the old me: overweight and frumpy haha.  I think it’s mainly because I’ve gained a couple pounds back since ending my diet on December 2.  Let’s chalk it up to the holidays and the abundance of delicious food.  But there are some days where I feel especially pretty.  Yesterday was one of those days.

I don’t know whether it was because I had on a new pair of jeans – which I think fit me particularly well, –  whether I was trying new layering things, or if it was because it was the first time getting dressed up in 2 weeks.  But I felt good about myself!  It also helped that I had a fun sparkly purple color on my toes. 😛 Also, Bryce comes home today. ❤