Do you believe in superstitions?  I believe in some because that’s what I grew up learning from my mom.  Don’t walk under a ladder.  Don’t cut your nails at night.  Don’t give someone a pair of shoes or they’ll “walk out of your life”, unless they give you a coin in exchange.

While many of these sound silly and I’ve outgrown them, I still feel weird if I do any of them.  However, one has stuck with me more than the rest.  Whatever you do on New Years reflects on how the rest of the year will go.  For example, my mom always had us clean our room when we were little so it would be clean the rest of the year.

According to this superstition, here’s how 2012 will look for me:

  • My room will be a mess.  Really, it’s still recovering from Christmas shopping and then wrapping.
  • I’ll wake up everyday with snuggles from my babies, and one will snore on my face.
  • I won’t see Bryce much, since I didn’t see him at all (for almost 2 weeks soon)!
  • I’ll hopefully be in the kitchen more for non-baking things, because I helped Bryce’s mom prepare the New Year’s dinner for the first time.
  • I’ll still talk to a friend – even though she is far, far away now – since I got lucky and chatted with her this morning.

The big downer for me was that I didn’t get to ring in the New Year with Bryce by my side (you totally knew that already, didn’t you?)  But in retrospect, everything else was great.  So even though it’s highly possible that I won’t see much of Bryce seeing as it’s his last semester of law school and then he’ll be taking the bar, I’ve decided not to focus on the bad and instead think how lucky I am to have been able to have a great day regardless.

So I’m pushing my superstitious nature to the side this year.  I’m not going to let one day sway my feelings on how my year is going to be.  Who knows, 2012 could be awesome.  Happy New Year, friends!  Let’s make it our greatest year yet!