So my weekend away with Bryce for a little staycation was amazing.  The hotel was lovely (and secure might I add! You couldn’t go up the elevator without a card key).  The view was gorgeous!

And I’m happy to say that Bryce was totally into it and did not pick up a book until late into the night when I started getting sleepy – mission accomplished!  We went to the pool to relax for a while in the afternoon.  There were a lot of people there, but for some reason it was mostly kids in the water (which kind of made me worried… if you know what I mean).  But it was a salt water pool (the first for me!) so I figured the salt would kill extra germs.  No?

That night there happened to be a block party in Waikiki, which was actually pretty cool even though there were way too many people around me that did not all smell great.  But I got to eat strawberry/banana crepes, shave ice, and hurricane popcorn (before dinner :D)!  No wonder I need to lose weight.  When we eventually got dinner, we headed back to eat in the room to have some peace and quiet.

I made reservations for the hotel’s beach-side restaurant for breakfast the next day so we could enjoy being so close to the ocean.  Plus I had heard good things about it.  While the food was so-so, the view was amazing.

The rest of the morning before check out was spent lazing about and I may or may not have buried Bryce under all the blankets…

While the weekend was wonderful, I will say one thing.  I think I have a problem with relaxing.  Ha.  I want a schedule to follow.  I need a schedule.  I had a moment where I kind of freaked out that we didn’t have anything planned for the afternoon, instead of just enjoying the fact that there wasn’t anything to do.  I’m not sure there’s a solution to this problem, so Bryce may just have to deal with having things outlined with a time table (like I did when we went to Kauai 🙂 ).  Hi my name is Vanessa, and I have a problem relaxing.  Oops.

PS – all pictures were taken with my Retro Camera app for android!