I was sad when summer ended this year.  I had enjoyed my time with Bryce and as usual, took it for granted, and I wasn’t ready for it to end.  I loved not having his dreadful homework and endless amounts of reading looming over my head for him to get done while I saw him on the weekends.  I loved seeing him more relaxed.  I loved being able to go out every weekend knowing he wouldn’t be losing valuable study time.  And I’ll admit, that took a great amount of guilt off my shoulders since I sometimes feel like I’m something he has to squeeze into his busy schedule.  Granted, he says he totally doesn’t mind coming over, and in fact looks forward to seeing me, but it’s tough for me to shake the feeling.  I just think too much.

Bryce started his last year of law school this Fall.  And while it’s awesome that he has only one year left, I have mixed feelings about it.  They say your last year of academics should be more lax since most of your requirements should be done and you’re already taking classes that you’re interested in versus what you need.  But Bryce sort of took on a lot of extra things:  he’s involved in two moot court competitions, he’s got some position in his fraternity, he got a job as a teaching assistant for a class, and he has an externship.  I should have known better.  Bryce takes a while to get going, but once he does, he’s unstoppable and throws himself into the work.

Also, while it’s true that there’s only a year left, there are many unknowns that await us after that year is done.  The ride won’t be over just yet.  He still needs to take the bar,  which essentially means I’ll never see him while he’s studying.  He still needs to make a career choice.  There are two options he’s considering right now – one of which may lead to us moving away from Hawaii.  And as if that wasn’t enough for me to think about (a whole year ahead haha), I don’t even know where my engagement or wedding will be.  That may sound strange and a little expectant of me, but Bryce and I are pretty much set on each other.  We just need to work out the when.

So since it was his birthday on Monday, I figured I’d try something different for his present this year.  Instead of getting him the latest thing he’s been wanting or something I thought he’d really like, I decided to take a mini staycation.  Thanks to a really good friend, I was able to get a super good deal on a beachside hotel for one night!  We’ll be staying at the Outrigger Reef this weekend and we’re both SO excited.  I figured it would be good for Bryce to relax for a day and get away from responsibilities and just enjoy each others company for a change.  And it’ll be good for me.  It’s important to recharge every so often and have some balance in your life.

Hopefully the weekend is as amazing as I think it will be.  🙂