This weekend I had my first proposal dream.  And it was a disaster haha.  If us girls are being honest about it, we’ve all imagined some sort of scenario.  All I know was, in my dream it was night time and nothing like I’ve ever imagined.  We were walking somewhere and Bryce seemed agitated.  Then all of a sudden he stopped, I turned around to see what was wrong, and he was down on one knee saying something that I don’t remember being particularly romantic.

The thing about this dream though, was the ring.  Once he opened the box, I was horrified.  He was proposing to me with a bow ring that looked sort of like this:

Except, add three rows of diamonds under it and a pink feather on top.  Seriously.  It sounds ludicrous (and I’m giggling to myself re-imagining it), but that is what Bryce gave me.  I mean really, a feather coming out of the top??  Who comes up with stuff like this?

I think this tells me that I have some anxiety about him choosing my ring.  He wanted to just surprise me – and while he has good taste, my wedding ring is not something I can just exchange if I don’t like it.  Besides, how can he know what I would like when *I* don’t even know?  Ideally, I’d like to go look with him and narrow it down for him to choose.  That way I know I’m going to like it and he can still surprise me by making the final decision!

The main thing to take away from this dream is that even though the ring was horrible, I still said yes.  Apparently I love Bryce enough to look past the atrociousness.  Isn’t that what really counts?

And while we are nowhere near this stage in our lives, it’s still fun to think about.  🙂