1. I was the lucky recipient of random hand massages.  Bryce does an excellent job of getting in between all the grooves on my hand and especially gets my palms really well.  I didn’t even need to ask.  Those are the best.
  2. It was unusually hot one night – so hot that there was no cuddling allowed.  He was a little pouty, which would have been adorable if I could focus on anything but the heat.  His poutiness showed me he likes to cuddle just as much as I do, and I’m grateful for that!
  3. We were relaxing and watching TV when he got up to go on the computer for recreational purposes but he stopped when he saw it bothered me.  I’m all for him being on the computer for homework, but when I only see him on the weekend I’d prefer him to not be bothered with games (unless I’m playing too).  It meant a lot that he stopped.
  4. We were talking about how when I was an undergrad I would know what day it was based on the TV show I watched that night and he said nowadays his milestones are as follows: Monday = wrestling, Wednesday = pick up comics day, and Friday = he gets to see me day.  I thought that was so cute. 🙂
  5. We watched Captain America on Saturday and it was awesome!  But after every comic book movie I get a lesson (what’s right, what’s wrong, what he thinks is going to happen, what they should do etc…).  Although such things are not that important to me, it’s so cute to see him geek out like that.  Bryce gets really into it and is all serious when he talks to me about such things.

Here’s the superhero himself, trying on Thor’s helmet.  He can’t resist these when we go to Toys ‘R Us.