Last week Friday, Bryce and I went to the State Fair.  (Side note: It’s called the 50th State Fair, but when I was little I would always wonder why the number never went higher not realizing that it was always 50 because Hawaii is the 50th state.  Sheesh.)  We hadn’t gone in a few years, and actually I had bad memories from the last time we went because his friend ended up throwing up.  It wasn’t so much the throwing up part, but the stinking part that really got to me.  Even with the windows rolled down in the car I could smell him.  Boy could I smell him.


The Fair was filled with lots of laughter, tons of cheap rides, animals, and of course games!  The only thing I didn’t do was indulge in all the unhealthy carnival foods – like cotton candy (YUM), funnel cake (which I’ve never tried before), and candied apples.  Though I was proud of myself at the time, I was kinda bummed about it later.

The following pics sort of sum of the night pretty well.  We got to watch camel and ostrich racing, which was pretty awesome!  I also won my first ever carnival game against Bryce (and a bunch of other people too!).  It was probably the highlight of my night even if the prize was kinda junk.  We even had enough time to catch a circus act.

I swear this llama was following me with his eyes AND ears.