• Getting to feed, dress, and hold a teeny tiny little baby. So cute!
  • The Disney Channel on Pandora.
  • That it’s almost Friday and next week I’m on vacation!
  • My special delivery of a strawberry/coke slurpee! It only took a little cajoling for Bryce to bring it…

On an unrelated side note, I know I’ve been blogging with bullet points an awful lot, but it’s been easier for me to summarize than to actually write a whole post out.  Going to the gym is so tiring.  I came back last night and literally plopped down on my bed and fell asleep before showering.  Hopefully this all pays off!

On another unrelated side note, can you believe the picture of my slurpee was taken with my phone?  I continue to be amazed with my new features.

PS – Look forward to some future posts about Kauai!