It’s been a while, so here are snippets of what’s been going on.

  • My WiFi is down, which accounts for my lack of posts.  This is driving me insane, but thankfully I am still connected through my phone.  Mostly.
  • I have been slacking on the exercise.  I’d like to attribute this to the fact that I got awfully sick two weeks ago and was essentially bedridden.  Exercise was a fleeting thought.  It’s hard to get back on the bandwagon once you’ve fallen off, but I’m making an effort this week.
  • Had my first date with Bryce this past Friday in too long.  It was lovely until the stomach ache.
  • Found a new tea place that I love!  It was a WiFi date of sorts with Bryce.  He had some work to do and lured me in with tea.  See my peach iced tea below. ❤
  • Got a new phone since my other one was flaking out.  It would send Bryce weird texts and would cut off our phone calls one too many times.  Love the new one though! (Except the short battery life.)
  • Currently planning a week long vacation to Kaua’i with Bryce!  Love that we’re going, but not loving the planning process.
  • Went to the new Bath & Body that just opened up at Ala Moana and won’t be going there for a while.  It’s too crazy in there.  But I did manage to get some hand sanitizers and soap :).  I also enjoyed Bryce’s enthusiasm to help me find things until the crowd and mixing scents got to him – though not before he played with the sink that was in there.
  • Panicked over Bryce’s swollen ankle this weekend (we think he got bitten by a centipede).  It was super red and gross looking.  Thank goodness the swelling went down.  I’m hoping Benadryl did the trick.
  • Ate my first whole candy bar last week!  It was glorious.
  • Looking forward to: The Voice tomorrow night on TV and the new Pirates movie on Saturday (for free)!