Sorry for being absent for a while.  There are 2 reasons.  One, every time I sit down to write at home, my internet isn’t working.  I really think something’s wrong with our router, and it’s incredibly annoying.  And two, my body is adjusting to a new schedule that is making me a little tired.  Which brings us to this post!

I’ve never been happy with how my body looks.  It’s a sad statement, but one that I’ve never actually said out loud before.  Bryce has no problem with the way I look, but ultimately you only feel as good as you yourself feel.  And lately I’ve grown tired of feeling that way.  So I finally decided to do something about it!

For the past two weeks, I’ve actually been exercising.  I created a schedule for myself that I’ve been pretty diligent about following.  I’m no longer creating excuses for myself like the usual “I’m way too tired to do anything” and just going.  There are times where I’ve literally dragged myself out the door, but once I get to the gym I’m definitely not tired anymore.  It’s really about getting myself out the door and then I’ll be fine.

There are a few things I have taken on.  The main thing is exercise.  This includes going to the gym 2 times a week and going to Zumba two times a week.  (Zumba will get a more detailed post!) I also walk my dogs twice a week for an hour.  Plus, I’ve been trying to lift weights almost every night to help tone my flabby arms.

But I’m also trying to eat healthier by bringing lean cuisine meals to work, which makes me feel pretty good because they’re only about 300-400 calories for a good portion of food.  I’m also trying this new things of snacking on nuts.  According to a good friend, people who eat nuts weigh less than people who don’t and I’m willing to try it.  I actually found them to be much more filling than I anticipated.  And for the past couple of months I’ve been making an effort to bring fruits to work also (I’ve also been cutting fruits for my mom and sister to take with them).  I’m pretty sure this is harder for me than exercising.  I love eating (who doesn’t?) and watching what I eat is hard because I have to think so much.  The best statement to help curb my eating habits came from that same friend who told me about the nuts — to think whether I’m really hungry before I eat.

Something random I’m trying is taking a supplement to clean out my colon.  It’s supposed to help you lose 2-3 pounds and it’s something I’ve always thought of trying since it’s good to clean it out every so often.  I can’t say I’m enjoying this part at all, but hopefully this will also yield good results.

It helps that the ladies in the office are motivated about getting into shape also.  I thought it was funny that we all started relatively the same time.  The great part about doing all this healthy stuff is talking about it with others who are going through the same thing.  We can talk about the good and the bad and encourage one another.  I’m not alone in all this and it helps to keep me focused.

Wanna know the biggest motivator for me?  How proud I am of sticking with my schedule.  It also doesn’t hurt when Bryce says (repeatedly) how proud he is of me too.  I’m feeling better about myself already, though the scale hasn’t gone down yet.

But we’re working on that.  And that’s a giant step.