I finally caved in.

I ventured over to Etsy today to check out some Spring items.  I couldn’t help it!  (I’m blaming Jen since she does a wishlist every Wednesday!) Spring items are so friendly and bright and cheery and pretty.  🙂

So here we go.  Just a few things that caught my eye (and I didn’t buy!):

This spoon bracelet.  Pretty isn’t it?

A raspberry colored flower ring?  Yes, please.

And I thought this was very clever!  A raindrop and cloud necklace!  Because April showers bring May flowers.  Get it?  *nudge nudge*

And finally – because I forced myself to stop – here’s a gorgeous bright orange rose cabochon pendant necklace. Don’t you just love the color?

Have you seen anything that I should know about?  Did you notice all my items are jewelry?  What is my subconscious telling me?

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