Even though I’m back at work this week, I never really did post about my vacation!  So here’s another update: Bryce and I went whale watching one not so bright and very early morning.  It was slightly overcast that day so I was worried it would rain on us – or worse, they would cancel and we would have driven there for nothing.  Anyway, let’s get straight to the pics.  There are quite a few this post!

A picture of where I was sitting on the catamaran.  I think I was being greedy and sat up front to ensure getting some good shots since nothing would disrupt my view!  I must say, the view was amazing, but my butt was not so happy about being drenched (not to mention I had to hold my expensive camera up high at an awkward angle to prevent destructive splashes of water!).

I know I said whale watching, but don’t you think this is a pretty good shot of a bird… flying???  I was mighty proud of myself.

Here’s a whale!

And a whale spout!  There were a lot of these.  Those mama’s are working hard to teach their babies how to breathe.

Waimea Bay – where a lot of surf competitions take place.  Can you believe I’ve never been there?  I’ve still technically never been there. 😛

My best shot of the day.

Second best shot.  Did you know each whale has distinctive spots (or none for that matter) that help to identify them??

We even got to see a turtle!

This mama and baby popped out of nowhere while we were heading back!  Did you know whale pods consist of 3 whales?  The mom, baby, and what they called an “escort” who tends to be the dad.

This is a “whale footprint”, which is what’s left behind after a whale emerges from the surface.  I thought it was really neat!

And finally, here’s a view of the island from the boat!

We had a really great time.  Bryce always made sure I wouldn’t fall off the boat by standing behind me (because I admit I let go of the rails in order to take pictures…).  The water was a little choppy, but neither of us felt sick.  My only complaint was how awkward we felt with the people around us.  They were nice, but it was a whole family that was vacationing and we felt like intruders.  However, I didn’t let that stop us from having a good time anyway!

Fun fact: my legs and arms have never been as salt-crusted as that day.  I guess the wind and the water that splashed on me put lots of salt on me?  I have no idea.  We had to wipe ourselves down before going in the car.

I would definitely do this again some time!