I do crazy things when Bryce isn’t over.

On one of those weekends, I decided to get rid of all my VHS tapes (yes, I still have those old things!).  They’re mostly Disney movies, and the good ones too.  But I don’t have a VHS player anymore so they were essentially taking up valuable storage space.  However, my sister’s tiny TV is able to play them so I gave them all to her.

This was no easy feat.  My sister and I used to watch Disney movies all the time.  So I’m always shocked when I come across people who don’t know what The Lion King or Aladdin is.  Some people only know the newer Disney/Pixar movies, which is fine, but they’re missing out!  Plus, I’m kind of a minor hoarder.  I have a hard time letting things go. 😛  But it had to be done!

Here are all the movies piled on my bed (there are no sheets because my dog had vomited):

I divided them into three piles.  This is the pile of movies I already have DVDs for (because I’m planning on replacing pretty much all these tapes with DVDs eventually):

And I also had two that Bryce already has (which I don’t need to buy because when we eventually move in together we don’t want duplicates):

So I’m slowly accumulating more DVDs since Disney is sneaky and puts them in the “vault”.

But aside from spending extra money, I really don’t mind.  I relive a part of my childhood every time I watch these.  I even have a Disney station on Pandora.  And every time I hear a song, I immediately feel like watching the movie.  Just today I felt like watching Pocahontas.

Have you started your Spring cleaning yet?