Happy Friday, friends!

Seriously, the joy I feel whenever it’s Friday never diminishes.  (And the quote I currently have on my desk is, “Even the worst weeks have Fridays in them.”

As promised, I tried the grilled cheese sandwich from Melt today – cleverly named the “triple melt” for I’m assuming three different cheeses?  I have no idea.  My bubbling excitement overwhelmed me and as I stood waiting for my sandwich I did not not take note of what the menu said was in it!  All I know is the bread was sourdough and it was lathered in butter as it should be.  When I saw that beautiful man use a butter knife to spread the butter, I knew all was right in the world.

Here’s the top view of the glorious bread.  Toasted to perfection.  With loads of butter.

And here’s a shot of the melted cheese inside!

And my last cheesy bite!

Definitely going back there again.

Have a good weekend!