I have a new favorite lunch wagon.  Not that I know of many, but I’ve heard of many.  Word of mouth is a huge contributing factor to decision making in Hawaii. 😛

The lunch wagon is called “Melt” and it apparently makes regular stops near my office every Friday!  They serve delicious sandwiches that have a gourmet twist to it.  I’ve heard their grilled cheese and tomato soup are to die for, and I’m intending to try some this Friday.

So when I heard of an event called Eat the Streets last week (and that Melt would be there!) I immediately asked Bryce if we could go.  I wasn’t supposed to see him that weekend, but food surpasses any sound reasoning so I practically begged him.  And then I got grouchy when he said “we’ll see” all mysterious like.  I mean, dude has to eat anyway right?  But I digress.  Let’s get to the good stuff – food pictures!

Melt had THE longest line ever (it literally went all the way back to the lunch truck on the other side).  And I had to deal with a growing man’s belly, so we headed over to a taco wagon while my sister held the line for us!

These are the shrimp tacos Bryce got (which I was assured were delicious):

We finally got the steak melt an hour later (and I had to finish it at home – there were no pink blankets at Eat the Streets :-P):

In case you want to know, the melt had whole roasted striploin, sliced thinly, with caramelized onion jam, watercress horseradish sauce, and gouda.  Yum yum.  But it doesn’t stop there.  I wanted dessert and went over the the crepe stand.  Oh yes.  I was greeted by lovely French people, who’s accents made me giddy.  Have you ever heard your name spoken in French?  It’s awesome and I found myself smiling as I confirmed that I was indeed Vanessa and thank you very much for my crepes.  Ahem.  Here is the Romeo et Juliette crepe (nutella was spread on the crepe and then bananas and strawberries were placed neatly inside:

But my favorite picture of the day was this one.

Note: I told Bryce the day before that I was going to wear a brown shirt so it’s HIS fault we look like twins.  His response: His shirt was nicer.