Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve got to say my expectations this year for Valentine’s were minuscule.  I already knew that since it was on a Monday, I wouldn’t be seeing Bryce.  I got over it and moved on, even though that was a little sad.  Plus, a few weeks back we weren’t even sure if he would be here since he was going to San Francisco this past weekend for the Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition.  He ended up coming home late Sunday night, but what with all his school work, there was no time to take out for the day.  And I don’t mind that, really.  He wants to take me out to dinner this Saturday instead (which I may actually prefer since there won’t be the whole Valentine theme dinner stuff going on- I just feel like everyone looks at you knowing why you’re out to eat if you go out on Valentine’s day and I don’t like that).

So you can imagine how surprised I was to receive these beautiful pink roses today at work.

I actually started to tear.  I know, it’s embarrassing.  But then I read the card:

Apparently he wrote the card before he booked his flight to San Fran, which means he had arranged for these to be delivered weeks ago.  His message pushed me over the edge and a few tears trickled down my cheeks.

Here’s a close up of the roses themselves just because they are absolutely perfect.

He knows I love pink so I always get pink roses.  And I love that he remembers details like that.

Just the fact that he took time out from his busy schedule to go down to the flower shop and place an order shows how much he cares.  Plus, he had to be sneaky and called my sister to ask for my work address and he pretended to call my work line by mistake when he really needed to double check that it was the correct number.  I love all the thought that went into pulling this off.

I don’t actually like the whole “Valentine’s Day is the day to show your loved one that you love them and if you don’t do anything it means you don’t love them” sort of thing.  I don’t like the pressure that puts on men or the pressure that women put on men.  I believe you should show your love every day of the year.  But I do love the idea of celebrating love.  Although I’ll admit I was one of those sad faced people when I was single.

Anyway.  I had to share because my heart is bursting today.  My heart is full of joy.  I have a good man and I love him so much.

Plus, I just love surprises. 🙂