I’ve recently discovered Urban Outfitters and Lulus.  I know, I’m late to join the bandwagon.  But in all honesty, it probably would have been better that I never knew they existed.  Here are just a few cute things I’m so tempted to get–

This shower curtain (Seriously how cute is that?  You can put pictures or other knick knacks inside those pockets!):

These adorable sunglasses (See that bow? Need I say more?):

This super cute daffodil duvet cover (Lovely shade of green, daffodils, and the phrase “Love is all you need”? Yes please):

This gorgeous antique looking side table (Coincidentally, I am looking for one, and love this look!):

This lovely dress (It’s just so girly looking; I love the top part!):

This fairytale pink top (I was not the least attracted to this top because “fairytale” was part of the name… not. But don’t you just love the wispy look?):

Too bad I’m trying to save money.  But if I were to splurge, what should I get, friends?  Help me.  Save me.