It has recently come to my attention that I may have an addiction of sorts.  It hit me when I was in the shower the other day (like all my good ideas/thoughts/plans do).  What do you ask is my addiction?  Quite simply, Bryce is.  A few things have led me to this conclusion.  (Please try to hold your laughter in).

For one, Bryce hasn’t been over to my house in almost three weeks.  This is a lot for me – and so early in the semester too.  I have seen him in small bursts.  I saw him when I took him a Jamba coldbuster when he was sick and cut him some oranges for the extra vitamin C.  And I saw him when I made it a point to drop off food and an iced green tea to him while he studied at the law library.  (Side note: his friends caught a glimpse of me driving in the parking lot and thought I was his mother… I’m not sure how to take that one.)  I also had a date night with him this past Friday because he made time to see me before the busy weekend started.  It was absolutely lovely!

Secondly, I had the whole weekend to myself.  On one hand, it was super nice to not have anything pressing to do, or any running around to do.  But I missed him every second.  And on and off, my stomach was upset all weekend.  I have since decided I was sick to my stomach for not seeing him.  Withdrawals, you know.

And lastly, if I so much as miss a call from him I get terribly sad.  Phone calls are what I live and wait for nowadays.  He calls mostly when he’s driving home (depending on the hour of course) and if it weren’t for these sporadic conversations, we’d hardly talk at all.  The other night I had 21 missed calls from him!  By the time I called him back he was almost home already and I literally felt like crying.  Seriously, I have a problem.

I always feel like there are other people going through much worse things, especially now that I have a friend in a long distance relationship.  So I feel like I shouldn’t complain about such things.  But the truth is, he’s as much a part of me and my life now as anything else is.  He’s needed.  And I truly miss him.  All the time.  I even miss him when he’s with me because I know he’s going to leave.

This is probably not healthy, but I take this addiction as a good sign that we have an amazing relationship.  I love that he takes the time to call me or makes that extra effort to see me before a busy weekend.  I appreciate that he lets me drop food off for him (because it’s really just another excuse to see him).  Besides, who wouldn’t miss a guy who buys you a Kitchenaid mixer in pink?

Next month we make 5 years.  And even though I joke that we’ll have been together almost an entire decade by the time we get married, I treasure each year as it passes and can’t wait for many more to come.

Minus the withdrawal symptoms, of course.  😛