In a couple weeks, I’ll have been at my job for a year.  Hooray!  While I’ve checked off some things that mean (to me at least) I’m fully integrated into the job – ie. take on a sarcastic tone like my coworkers when it comes to certain things, use vacation and sick leave (how glorious it is to have this), light some candles to reduce stress, be called into long meetings, celebrate a birthday with fabulous ladies – there was one thing I had not done.

I had not had an emotional breakdown.

Granted, this was not on a foreseeable list of things that I imagined doing.  But hey, I like checking things off so we’ll just pretend it was.

So what happened?

It was a typical Friday morning when Bryce texted saying he had a cold and couldn’t come over this weekend.  The one thing I look forward to every Friday is seeing him, so I was bummed out.  And I felt bad at the same time.  He doesn’t get sick often, but when he does it tends to be a little bad.  Faced with the news that he wouldn’t be sleeping over, I trudged into work and started the day.  (Ok, I wouldn’t be a true blogger if I didn’t admit that the first thought that almost made me cry was the fact that he wouldn’t be able to help me grocery shop at Sam’s Club… I’m a horrible person.)

It was a slow morning.  But then that email came.  I had been emailing back and forth with someone we’ll call L.  L is a nice person, really, but there are the few times I get slightly irritated and just brush it off.

I sort of felt like L was expecting much more from me than is possible.  Anyway, I didn’t realize how annoyed I was until I went into my boss’s office to ask her to light my candle (sort of what we do when we’re stressed out now).  I must have looked visibly upset because she asked if I was ok.  And I don’t know about you guys, but when someone asks me that and I’m not, tears start streaming down my face in a not so pretty way.

I actually was not planning on talking to her because I didn’t think it was a big deal and she was very busy that day.  But once the tears came, I had no choice.  So we talked.  And what do you know, I actually felt better at the end.  Sometimes all you need to do is talk it out.  But now I was a mess.  My hair was stuck to the side of my face, there was snot running out of my nose, and my eyes and nose were super red.

But no matter, my boss is so awesome.  She’s so understanding and somehow knows what to say and always makes sure I know that I’m an amazing person.  We worked out a solution and I’m actually looking forward to seeing it through.

The following Monday, she gave me a present.

I wish you guys could hear this awesome button of joy!  Every time I push it I have to laugh.  It spouts out random phrases like, “It just doesn’t get better than this. Well maybe it does.  But who cares.  This is GREAT!” or “Wanna know what’s great?  You.  Wanna know how I know?  Cause I’m the hamster of happiness baby, and I know stuff!”  How could you not laugh??

It now sits happily on my desk, always in arms reach.  And I not only push it for myself, but whenever anyone else looks stressed out.  It works wonders.

So now Friday the 21rst will forever mark the day I lost my mind at work.  The end.