This past weekend Bryce and I went to Macaroni Grill.  I love that place.  LOVE IT.  And for a very good reason.

The bread!

I am absolutely smitten with their bread.  Especially when it comes straight out of the heating oven (ok, we all know it doesn’t come straight out of the oven).  So delicious!

And ok, there’s another reason why I love going.  Bryce and I always end up drawing something or other.  Or playing tic-tac-toe with me losing ALL THE TIME.  (I lose on purpose.  Really I do.  I don’t want Bryce to feel bad).  Ahem.

This time, Bryce was ambitious and decided he wanted to draw Cola from a picture on his phone.

It didn’t turn out half bad, don’t you think?  Although I’m not entirely sure why he colored in his eyes.  But anyway.  Here’s the funny part.

Boys will be boys I suppose.  He always reverts back to dinosaurs.  It’s what he’s good at.