Something about this holiday season has made me think about the future a lot.  It’s an odd feeling, even a bit surreal.

I keep imagining how my life will be five Christmases from now.  Does anyone else do this?

I keep seeing Bryce and I decorating our place.  It’s festive and makes me happy just thinking about it.  We have a big tree and it’s decorated with garland, lights, and even tinsel if I’m feeling up to it.  We have a pretty star at the top.  And presents underneath.  I also see ornaments that we’ll start collecting, but they’re not just any ornaments.  They’ll have meaning.  Like this one:

I also see us starting traditions that will last until our kids come and enjoy them.  And if I’m being totally honest, I also see an ornament like this:

I see hot chocolate and soda crackers in the morning (it sounds weird, but it’s something my grandma used to do with my sister and I).  And I see baking.  Lots and lots of baking.

I imagine Bryce coming home from a long day at work to a hopefully good home-cooked meal.  And we’ll just be all cozy at home.

I see friends coming over and me throwing a fabulous dinner party.  With no dishes!  I know that one’s a bit far-fetched.

I see our future kids helping me make cookies to leave out for Santa.  And Bryce eating them after they’ve gone to bed.

I can even see our kids running around the house in their pajamas because they’re so excited to open presents the next morning.  And their happiness is infectious and makes all the holiday stresses melt away (because there will be holiday stresses).

But mostly, I see myself being happy because Bryce and I will have started our life together.

And I can’t wait to actually live it. 🙂