Thursday afternoon was pretty breezy compared to the past few days.  I found myself drifting into a nap easily.

Some time later, I woke with a start to the slight jolt of my dog’s spasm.  I guess she was having bad dreams.  It happens more frequently than you would imagine.  Her dream was short-lived, though, as I could feel her quiet breathing slow again.

For some reason, I was at peace at that moment.  I was rested.  And I loved it.  I had my love snuggled up behind me.  He likes to sling his arm around my belly and curve his fingers into my side, perfectly nestling my body at his side.  I also had one dog sandwiching me on the other side, and another at my feet.  Perhaps I was so at peace because I was cushioned all around.  They all warmed me in just the right spots, which enabled me to sleep without the addition of a blanket, that would most likely have stifled me.

I was loving every minute.

The gentle stirring of my curtains, the quiet breathing of both dogs and human, for some reason woke me up instead of putting me back to sleep.  So I lay there in appreciation, and silently thought to myself how lucky I was.

It’s been a few hours since that wonderful nap, but I’m not tired yet.

Hope you’ve all been well, friends.  Have a good weekend!