I’ve been getting into the Fall season a lot lately.  Pumpkin lattes are at Starbucks (and I tried my first one!); I made pumpkin pie whoopies; I’m going to make pumpkin cheesecake soon; and best of all, I think the weather may be cooling down a bit (at least some nights).

So it was only natural for me to want to carve pumpkins!  Bryce was a little hesitant at first because we both had never done it before.  Is it hard?  What would we carve?  Would we even be able to do it?  What were the necessary tools?  We had a lot of questions, but since Bryce is very indulging (and deep down he really wanted too also) we decided to do it!  I printed out a few carving templates (did you know you could print those off the internet?) and we went to Walmart to get a kit I had seen, hoping that it would be sufficient.  Unfortunately, it seems that we were a bit late to the carving bandwagon, because the pumpkin selection was a bit drab.  They were all a bit too tiny in height, and had some splotches like the pumpkin below (and this was one of the better ones).

Anyway, we set up a work station and covered it in plastic bags.  I was anticipating a big mess!  We laid out our tools.  And let me tell you, if you follow the directions that came with the tools, it should be pretty easy!  The little rolly thing is used to mark where you want to cut, and the saw looking things were actually not that hard to use.  Once you pull the top out, a whole bunch of stringy stuff comes out too!

Nikko wanted to eat it!

We were ambitious and decided to try save the seeds to bake later.

Now for the gritty part.  Cleaning out the inside!  This was a bit hard for me because I didn’t cut my hole big enough.  But hey, it’s a learning experience.  After you clean it out, attach your template.  And have some fun!

Actually, then you can use that wheel thing (it’s like the thing you use to transfer a pattern when sewing) to trace your template into the pumpkin.  It’s really handy!  Here’s my imprinted pumpkin.

Then start carving away!  Here’s where my first eye brow came out (and where I finally began to think I was actually not messing it up)!

In the mean time, Bryce was busy working with his pumpkin.  His template was much more intricate and took a lot longer to imprint into the pumpkin.

And Nikko was trying to help him.  Snicker.

The finished product!  I named him Mr. Pumpkin Man.

Not too shabby if I say so myself!  I did choose an easier pattern though, it being my first time and all.  Next year, I think I’ll challenge myself a bit.

Wanna see Bryce’s pumpkin?  (He finished an hour after me by the way).

Can you guess who it is??  Anyone?  Hello?

Since we were so proud of our accomplishments, we decided to have even more fun with them.

And here I told him to smile, which he refused to do, so I broke out laughing which made him laugh.  And my sister managed to capture the moment.  It’s one of my favorite pictures!

Finally a nice one.

After all our hard work that day, we needed to replenish ourselves.  So we got molten chocolate cake from Chili’s.  YUM.

And we bought scented candles to put some life in our pumpkins (though I’m not sure why we got scented candles since I couldn’t smell them anyway)!

The candle lit view is so perfect, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the night.

It truly makes a difference, don’t you think??

I had a great time carving pumpkins with Bryce.  I’m so glad he agrees to do things like this with me.  It makes me think he’ll be a great dad as well.  It’s fun to change up the normal routine every so often and do different activities, don’t you think?

I’m also amazed at how versatile pumpkins really are.  You can do so much with them!

Oh and by the way, if you haven’t already guessed it, Bryce made Boba Fett.  It’s his favorite Star Wars character so I had to print it out for him.

Have any of you carved pumpkins yet?  I’d love to see pictures!  Or what Fall activities are you doing?  Hawaii doesn’t have many, so I’m super curious!

In any case, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  Here’s to the beginning of a new week!  And Halloween is fast approaching!