I had an interesting weekend.  I woke up early on Saturday to get my flu shot, and as a result, my left arm is sore.  This happens every time I get a flu shot.  Bryce said that I’m weird and his arm never gets sore after a flu shot.  Does this happen to anyone else?  If not, there really may be something wrong with me (and my whole family for that matter).  I’m really curious now.

On Sunday, we went to the gym to take a yoga class.  Our first ever, so it was an interesting experience!  My sister tagged along too since she wanted to try out yoga as well.  So the three of us trudged (I say trudged because it was 7:30 a.m.) to the gym and arrived 40 minutes early.  This was due to my need to arrive early anywhere, though I hadn’t planned on arriving that early.  So I went on the stair master for 20 minutes non-stop!  I know, I was impressed as well.

When it finally came time to go set up our mats inside the room where classes are held, I was pretty exhausted, but was ready for a challenge!  Must have been the endorphins.  Debbie, the instructor, was really nice.  She makes it a point to know everyone in her class.  I know this because she noticed the three of us and came over to introduce herself and explain a little about the class.  I really appreciated that because I felt welcome.  It also gave me the reassurance I needed to not feel inadequate if I was unable to do what everyone else was doing.

The first half hour was focusing on breathing and releasing your pressure points, thereby cleansing your body.  This was a little hard for me because I’m not good at controlling my breathing.  Especially if I have to hold it for a while, or even breathing in and out at a slow pace is difficult.  (Anyone else have this problem?  It’s just me, isn’t it?)  After we got warmed up with the breathing exercises, we got into the hard core stuff!  I say hard core, but it probably isn’t for non-beginners.  I think my biggest problem was not stretching properly beforehand.  Actually, I didn’t really stretch.  Whoops.

Yoga is really hard.  I’m not sure why I never realized that before!  But it uses all your core muscles (you know, the muscles that lay dormant in my body…) so I’m super sore.  My abs hate me and so do my thighs.  And my biceps.  You know, your abs are an integral part of your body and how it moves.  I’ve discovered that over the last few days.  Each movement pulls at those suckers.  Getting up and lying down on my bed suck as well.  And lying down on my bed should be a heavenly thing.  I’ve also tried refraining from rolling around my cubicle because pushing myself around with my feet pulls at my ab muscles as well.  Fun right?  I told Bryce about my intense muscle pains and he was all for it.

“At least you know you were working them,” he said.

Please.  I knew I was working those muscles the moment I got into the downward dog position, and then slid into a plank.  If I needed any proof, how about my incessant shaking while in these positions?  If bones could chatter, mine were.  To make matters worse, my hands were sweating and every time I needed to change position, I squeaked.

This experience has also shown me that I am not aware of what my limbs are doing.  I could have sworn I was following Debbie pretty accurately.  But every so often Bryce would whisper saying to lift my arm straight up or something.  Then I would realize my arm was slightly angled and I must have looked stupid.  Also, when we first started going into the plank position, Debbie came over to me and told me to lift my bum higher.  HOW EMBARRASSING.  It was the one and only time I recall her leaving her position to help someone out.

So anyway.  My favorite part of the entire class was the last five minutes.  Debbie had us cool down by laying flat on our back and relaxing every muscle in our body, starting with our toes and working our way to the top of our head.  I like this exercise.  You have to visualize your muscles relaxing one by one.  We did this for five minutes and just lay in the silent, but focused room.  It was a peaceful feeling.  And you know what?  I noticed later on that the muscles that are constantly sore in my upper back and neck/shoulder area felt pretty good.  They felt looser.  And I felt lighter.  It was strange, but comforting at the same time because those muscles have been giving me grief since my last massage ages ago.

But I digress.  The whole point of me telling you guys about my yoga experience was to say that I loved it.  I feel that it is a stepping stone towards trying to be healthier.  It’s a stepping stone to getting more exercise in, while fooling myself into thinking it’s just for fun.  Also, it’s another activity that Bryce and I can enjoy together.

I now feel like I have a way to cleanse myself to start each week off better, if that’s even possible. 😛

I leave you with this picture to ponder.  Because I don’t know about you, but I think this dog is pretty darn good at yoga.  I even did that position.  And not as effortlessly or cute.