A few nights ago Bryce and I had a mini fight.  He texted me (believe it or not, you can in fact have a fight via text) asking if I had settled on what Masters degree I would pursue.  I replied that I can’t possibly do that when I have no idea what I want to do.

This conversation always stresses me out, so by this point I didn’t want to talk about it.  But I of course asked why.  And his reply was that he just wants to make sure I’m thinking about it and not getting comfortable.  I counted to ten and asked why he was so concerned all of a sudden, to which he replied that he wasn’t.  Could have fooled me.

So anyway.  One of the last things he said was that sometimes people ask him what I’m doing and what I will be doing and he doesn’t know what to say.  That gave me the impression that he was slightly embarrassed by my lack of motivation.  Since he’s going to be a lawyer and all.  Plus, his family asks about me.  I hate making bad impressions.  So I’m feeling like I am not good enough.

I’m just glad I have a job that I like.  This doesn’t happen to everyone!  Though I may be tired and a little frustrated and stressed sometimes, I love coming to my office and working with great people all day.

I may not have any idea what I want to do.  But I’ve never rushed into anything (unless I’m buying something on impulse of course).  Once I make my decision, I know I’ll be happy.  And that’s the main thing.  So even though I may be a little slower than some people and I haven’t known since I was in elementary school what I wanted to be (ie. Bryce), I will eventually get there.

I just needed to blow off some steam because boys are stupid.  It’s hard to stay mad though.  Especially because he just keeps talking and talking and talking until I talk too.  It’s a strategy of his.  And it works very well.

This whole incident made me think of the other post where I pretty much felt that my life wasn’t going anywhere.  And it made me slightly depressed all over again.  This whole thing tired me out so much that I took a nap until about 11:30 p.m. and woke up just to shower.  I have been trying to avoid doing that because I think it makes me more tired the next day.  So much for that.

The ironic thing is, Bryce is the one thing that I want when I’m upset.  He makes me feel better.

Thank goodness for the weekend.  It’s my favorite part of the week.  (Duh.)  And it’s our time to regroup.  That’s the main thing.

Have a great weekend!