Ever had someone ask you how your weekend was and you said it was fine?  But it really wasn’t?  I ask because I do it all the time.  It’s not that I’m a chronic liar.  I just feel that if I didn’t have a good weekend, they wouldn’t want all the details – and I wouldn’t want to go into it.  So on Monday morning when I was asked how my weekend was, I of course said it was fine – didn’t do much, just rested.  Which was half true.

This past weekend was actually so-so.  Friday night I battled with my tiredness by shoving it aside completely and going to dinner with Bryce.  We had a coupon for CPK that we’ve been meaning to use, only to choose another restaurant because I can’t stand waiting more than half an hour tops.  Bryce was running a little late, so we got to CPK way later than I had planned.  As you can imagine, we got there in the dinner rush hour.  Ruby Tuesday it was.  Friday night dinners are always nice because we haven’t seen each other since the Sunday before so we get to eat and talk.

Saturday morning I went to some kind of expo (the name escapes me!) with my mom and sister.  This was extremely tiring for me because we walked around for about two hours.  Although I did get some really great deals.  The deal of a lifetime!  Are you ready?

I got 1500 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets for a full sized bed for only $45!  And because I had bought one, I got a second set for $40.  Do you know these normally sell for above $100?  I was ecstatic!  Thrilled!  Amazed!  You get the picture.  They are SO comfortable.  I also managed to pick up a few cute things.  Like this swarovski crystal keychain!  It’s a rabbit, because I’m a rabbit.  And I’m not sure if you can see, but it’s tummy is pink.  I love pink.  Oh and look at that adorable carrot it’s holding!

Later that day, Bryce and I went out to lunch, trying to use the coupon at CPK again.  This time we had success!  Can I just say butter cake?  Mmmm…  after we got home, Bryce took a nap while I tried to but couldn’t.  It’s really hot.  However, when he read his homework later, I took a nap because I’m not allowed to talk to him while he reads (something about being distracting… I don’t know).  It’s really easy to fall asleep if you aren’t talking and have nothing to do.  But I woke up with a splitting headache.  It was relentless and didn’t go away, so I went back to sleep for a bit because normally this helps.  But it didn’t, so I was hoping Bryce would offer to get me some water and medicine but no, he was busy playing his DS and watching TV.  I was ticked.  He didn’t even ask if I was feeling better.  So I was grouchy and got up to get water for myself, was unable to find the medicine, and further aggravated my headache by moving around.

I ended up crying while falling asleep because I was so upset that he didn’t do anything.  Crying while falling asleep is not fun.  My eyes were so puffy and I couldn’t breathe because my nose was plugged.  But Bryce didn’t notice and fell asleep before me.  Sigh.

On Sunday, Bryce left earlier than he normally does to work on a project.  But when he got to his car he found that someone had ripped out the mirror on the right side of his car.  (Not to mention two weeks ago, someone hit his car pretty bad.)  Double sigh.  He’s pretty upset and said he may not be coming over anymore.  *_*  Dear friends, this would mean I NEVER SEE HIM.  And that is not acceptable.  I quickly offered to pick him up and subsequently drop him off, but he said that was stupid since we live sort of far away from each other.  I think he was still in his upset frame of mind and needs to calm down before thinking logically.  Because clearly if I don’t pick him up and he doesn’t come over, then hello, we’ll never see each other.

Also, my stomach has been acting up since Sunday afternoon and I’m not sure why.  It’s sensitive and needs a lot of TLC, so I’m hoping it’ll subside soon.

So my weekend.  Not too good.  But if you ask me, I’m sure I’ll say it was fine.