A few days ago, an old friend contacted me on Facebook.  Isn’t it wonderful how that happens sometimes?  It was like revisiting another life (and ok, I haven’t lived that long, but it feels that way and sounded equally dramatic).  She’s now a mother and has a daughter named Vanessa!  I’m not saying she named her daughter after me, but I’d like to think I had something to do with it. 😛

She also sent me this really old picture.  Want to see?

That’s my sister on the left, and me on the right.  We were at a birthday party and were going to dance hula.  My mother was always a little heavy on the make up.  I didn’t mind back then, but whenever I look at the pictures now I think of clowns.  And clowns are scary.  Also, notice how tightly pulled back my hair is?  My mother also always made pony tails that made me look even more Asian because my eyes would become slits as a result of her pulling it so tightly back.  I also got really mean headaches by the end of the day.  Though I never had a stray hair like I always do now.

Funny how one picture can bring up so many memories.

I’m now reconnecting with her and catching up on what apparently has been 14 years since I’ve last seen her.  I had to mentally calculate that this meant I was 9 years old!  I’m feeling extremely nostalgic.  And I’m starting to miss those carefree days of childhood.

Where have they gone?