Hoorah!  It’s Friday again!

I’m sorry to say when I woke up this morning, I didn’t even realize until I mentally said, “I’m not sure I can wake up this early any more days this week… hey WAIT! It’s Friday!”  Errr… not that I have conversations with myself.  Ever.  Yeah.

Wait.  Still not up yet, Vanessa?  Nothing like a hard hit to the head to push you over that final edge of consciousness!  How about now?

Well, I’ll tell you what I’ll be doing this weekend.  I’ll be resting my head because I’m certain there will be a bump forming as I hit it full force on a cabinet.  Don’t ask.  I’ve already rationalized with myself that it’s ok BECAUSE it’s Friday.  Does anyone else do this reasoning frequently?  Anyone?  Anyone?

Anway.  At least I can finally cuddle with Bryce.  Oh, and it’s his birthday on Sunday! 🙂

Note to reader:  If this post seems a bit scattered, I apologize.  It can happen when you’ve lost a few brain cells that were necessary in the first place.

Have a fantabulous weekend!