… I can’t whistle?

… I always feel like writing a thank you card for receiving a thank you card?

… I don’t like walking through grass?  Much less wet grass?  Bleh

… I will walk through grass if it means it cuts off a lot of walking time?

… I can’t blink?  Bryce constantly makes fun of me for this.

… I’ve never had Mexican food?  Unless you count Taco Bell or Chili’s quesadillas- which are pretty much like Taco Bell’s quesadillas?

… I sometimes think of PB&J sandwiches while stuck in traffic after a long day at work?

… I don’t like eating soup when it’s hot out, but noodles are an exception?

… I consider rice and tea comfort food?

… I’m thinking of starting a collection box of baby items for my future baby?

Keeping with the spirit of weird, here’s a funny picture I found that made me laugh today.

Sorry, it’s totally not related to this post, but I had to share it anyway.