Now that I drive to work instead of catching the bus, I’m more aware of what really irks me about other drivers.

  • I can’t stand when people turn/cut/merge/park without signaling.
  • I really don’t like when people speed up to cut in front of me (especially without signaling) and then drive slow after they cut.
  • I dislike when people don’t thank me for letting them cut.
  • I don’t see the point in driving in the left lane if you go less than 50 mph.
  • I hate when you signal forever and nobody lets you in.
  • I get irritated when there’s slow traffic because people were being nosy and had to look at an accident (even if it was on the other side of the freeway).
  • I get tense when I see people texting or on the phone while driving. (There once was a girl driving a big SUV who held the phone in front of her face with both hands while grasping the steering wheel at the same time. I know, shocking right?).
  • And most recently, I am envious of my sister being able to sleep while I drive through traffic.

What are your driving pet peeves?  Is there anything you just can’t stand?  Or is it just me?