Ok so it’s not extremely important.

But I need some advice!  Remember this post?  Where I talked about this bag?  I got so much feedback from people telling me I need to buy it that I kept going back to look at it.

It sold on Etsy.  But before you all sigh and whine like I did, I’ll tell you that I did some digging and found a website for the lady that makes them!  If you want to torture yourself, visit Paulina Carcach’s site.  I found a whole array of these bags!  Which is my problem now.

What color do I really want?

There’s this blue one:

And this brown one:

And this burgundy one:

Or this camel color:

And this chocolate brown one:

Or this navy blue one:

Or this red one:

And finally, this yellow one:

SO MANY CHOICES.  Which one is your favorite?  Do you still like the ivory one I originally found?

I’ve always been a fan of neutral colored bags so they match all my outfits and I don’t have to worry about awful color clashing.  But lately I’ve been feeling more adventurous.  So these colors stood out to me.

I’m in deep, deep trouble.  Help me.