A couple Christmases ago, I attempted to bake gingerbread cookies.  I was feeling really festive, so I told Bryce we were making some AND decorating them with icing!  It sounds like it would be a lot of fun.  Right?


I was still a relatively inexperienced baker and I never made gingerbread cookies before.  But I kept thinking how hard could it really be?  Well, let’s just say the cookies didn’t turn out so well.  In fact, they were rock solid.  We kept some and, to my horror, gave a few to Bryce’s grandparents.  Of course they said they liked it.  But I really think they were being polite.

Bryce even likened my cookies to dog treats.  And then added he wouldn’t give them to dogs. >.<

We didn’t want to waste the icing, so with the remaining dough, we shaped it into a giant Spider-Man.  And Bryce painted him.

Again, you have a splendid example of how he’s way more creative than I am.  It’s pretty good, isn’t it?

Just don’t tell him that.