A little while ago, ok, a long while ago, Bryce and I went to Sea Life Park.  I completely forgot to blog about it!  Whoops!

I’m sure you’ll forgive me. 🙂

Before you’re all misled into thinking it was a date date, I’ll stop you right there.  I’d like to say it was, but it really wasn’t.  Here’s why.

You remember we went to Maui?  I wrote 4 posts about it?  Yeah.  We thought we got gifts for all the kids but apparently we forgot someone.  So… using our quick thinking, we figured Sea Life Park – Maui Aquarium would have same gifts.  Right?  Right.

We started off by saying hello to the turtles.

Then we visited the penguins.

And the sea lions.

Who kissed. 🙂

And lick their behinds like my dogs.

We also got to see a baby turtle up close!

Bryce was happy.

After that, we went to see the show!

Look at it go!

This was the best shot!

The Sea Lions even walked around.  And did tricks.  But there were so many heads in my way I couldn’t get any good shots. -_-

And at the end, they said bye!

We then proceeded to the gift shop (because that’s why we went after all).

I wanted one of these.  Penguins.  In pink.  Love it.

It was a long day, but we had tons of fun.  And I’ll admit we went a little overboard in the gift buying.  I also found a cute pair of board shorts for myself.  😛

We hardly go, but I love going with Bryce.  We have lots of fun just walking around.  Oh and he also buys me lunch (even though it’s a tad bit expensive).  Also, what’s with the no straws and no ice?  Or was that just when I was there?  Sheesh.

Try drinking an icee without a straw.