Happy Birthday to my two fluffy babies!  They’re two this year!  And we’ve been through a lot together.

Here’s baby Nikko.

They both got surgery.

Nikko after surgery.  She was pretty tramautized.  (Fun fact: This cone was the second out of three that she went through -_-)

Cola after surgery.  He pretty much just slept.

We studied together.

More like Cola prevented me from studying haha.

Nikko was a trooper and volunteered to read for me.

They get along.

And of course they fight.

But they’ll always be this tiny to me.

And look like this. *sniffle*

They’re one of the best investments I ever made.  (Let’s not kid ourselves here, pets are investments.)  Not only do they provide a lot of entertainment and keep me company while Bryce isn’t here, but they bring joy to my soul.  I love the little boogers so much (most of the time :-P).  And I love the feeling of being loved.

Dogs give and don’t expect anything in return.  They give without thinking.  And they’re just there for you.  Especially to lick your tears away (which is really cute).  We should all take a little bit away from that and give unconditionally.