I took two days vacation yesterday and today, ironically, at the urging of my boss.  And I’ve got to say that it’s nice to just wake up a little later and start the day off slow with no rush to get anywhere.

Sort of.

For some reason, whenever I’m off, Bryce and I make plans to do things so our day ends up filled with stuff to do.  We’re often rushing from one thing to another.

On Monday, we planned to check out the new Bed Bath and Beyond store that just opened up here!  I’m really excited about this because they have a wide array of baking things!  I’ll touch on my new purchase in an upcoming post.

After that, we ate a leisurely lunch at California Pizza Kitchen since we hadn’t been there in a while (because most times the wait is crazy).  And I was really excited to try their new butter cake, but the waitress forgot to ask us and just brought us our check.  Boo.

The big plan of the day was to take our dogs to a dog park.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and something I put on my summer to-do list.  (Yay for checking something off!)  Socializing with other dogs and running free is good for our dogs because they never get to run free since the park near our apartment isn’t fenced in.  Believe me, they’d run into the street.

I took some pictures of our adventures and I wanted to share them with you!

The two white ones our mine.  They met a very nice dog immediately upon entering the park.

Cola (the fluffy one) is sniffing a dog’s butt to say hello while Nikko (on the right) stares timidly at another dog.

Sniffing each other out.

There’s Nikko running free!  She looks so cute.

This tiny dog was really cute!  And a little feisty.  Bryce said this picture looks like Cola pooped the small dog out.  >.<

Cola’s making friends with a dog I shall dub “Super Dog”.

Nikko’s pooped from all the running.  And she never left our side without the urging of one of us.

Here’s “Super Dog” with his ball.  Whenever we kicked the ball for him to catch he caught it before it even went more than a foot away!  It was amazing.  And my dogs totally need to learn to fetch.

Cola.  🙂  He had a good time.

And Nikko again.

We had a really great time.  I loved the dog park.  And the other dogs were really friendly.  We’re going to try to make this a regular thing.  Perhaps every two weeks right before their bath.  Because I can’t stand how dirty they get.  (Even if it wasn’t that bad)  They’re walking in the dirt and drooling.  And sniffing other dogs butts.

They got really tired too.  And to top it off, we gave them a bath right after getting home.  So you can imagine how pooped they are.  Cola looks like this now.

Sleepy baby.

Aren’t they so cute?