There’s nothing that calms me down and makes me feel better more than watching Pride and Prejudice.  I am in love with the movie.  I love the story, the location they filmed at, and the soundtrack.  I guess I should clarify that I’ve only ever watched the one with Keira Knightley as Elizabeth.  Do you know how many there are?  I had no idea at first, but I wiki’d it and found out there are several!

Since I had a rough couple of days at work this week, I went home one night and watched the movie.  I felt better instantly!  It’s amazing how that happens.  But I literally ate dinner, then sat in my room to watch and paint my nails at the same time.

The brightness of the movie brightened my mood.  And I laughed in the very first scene when Mr. Bennett tells his wife her nerves are his constant companion.

The costumes make me want to dress up and do my hair.

It makes me want to dance.

It makes me want Mr. Darcy to propose to me.

And ok, I wouldn’t mind living in Pemberley either.

What’s your go-to movie?  What helps you become you again?