I realize that I took an incredibly LONG time to write this last entry about our trip to Maui (truth be told I forgot all about it).  So I decided, in case you needed to read the other posts as a refresher, that I’d link them.  Here’s day one part one, day one part two, and day two.  Now on to day three!

Our last full day in Maui!  For this day, we planned to go on the Atlantis Submarine.  It was conveniently located in Lahaina, so we didn’t have to drive far (this was my thinking when booking it).

We woke up at a reasonable time and then drove to the location on my ticket voucher.  It was about 5 minutes away from the hotel.  Turns out we didn’t actually need to go there though, since it was a ticket voucher.  We already had our tickets and just needed to show up to check in.  Duh!  Which meant we had about 10 minutes to drive back to the hotel and park, then walk to the check in area.  Holy cow were we rushed.

And I had to use the bathroom.  I always have to at the most inconvenient times!  My bladder just doesn’t like me.  But we made it!  And I even managed to use the bathroom with time to spare!  Which is unusual for us.  (Note:  Bryce is always making us late – it apparently runs in his family).

So here we were, on the boat going to the submarine, when I suddenly realized I now had a view of the island!

Isn’t it nice and peaceful looking?

Here’s the submarine coming back up!

Almost there.


Here’s a view from about 115 feet under water!  You can see fish and a reef!

We even saw an anchor!

Here’s a close-up of a reef.

This pufferfish made a few appearances.

Atlantis Submarine created an artificial reef by sinking a ship.  I thought it was pretty neat.

Towards the end of the ride (if you can call it a ride), we landed on the bottom of the ocean!  127 feet under.  Cool right?

Bryce made me laugh and then took a picture.  He got a pretty good one too.  I was surprised.

We took this after the ride was over and we were going back to Maui.  One of my favorites from the trip.

After the submarine, we walked around Lahaina a bit.  And I finally noticed all the tourists milling around.  And the abundance of shops that were apparently nearby the entire time.  Who knew!

We found a guy who did amazing artwork with letters and I really wanted to get something so Bryce agreed :).  He even went to buy us ice cream while we waited for the guy to finish because it was incredibly hot.

This is now on my bedroom wall above my TV.  I just love that each letter is different!  Notice my strategic placement of names?  Bryce fully endorses this statement every day.  Yep.  No matter what he says.  This will be properly framed one day when we move in together :).

After walking around, we headed back to the hotel and relaxed a bit before heading to the pool and jacuzzi one last time.  The day was winding down and so was our energy.

Oh and I forgot to mention that it just so happened that right before our weekend getaway, Bryce really got into River Monsters.  Ever heard of it?  Watched it?  Well, it’s not very romantic is my point.  And why am I making this point?  Because when we weren’t watching a movie that we brought with us, we watched River Monsters.  All weekend.  Yeah.

But it was still a great weekend.  Nice to get away.  And the last trip that Bryce and I went on was in 2006 when he took me to Disneyland :).  It was nice to be away from everyone (and I don’t mean that in a bad way) to just be with Bryce alone, and away from responsibilities for one weekend.  Plus the jacuzzi was awesome.

So that was Maui.  I was sad to see it go, but I know it won’t be our last vacation.  I just have to wait a LONG time for the next one I think.  Sigh.

But I’m thankful to have a wonderful boyfriend to have vacations with :).