I love saving money.  That doesn’t mean I actively seek special deals or discounts.  I just don’t have the patience.

But a couple of days ago my mom had bought some peaches from Safeway.  And we ate almost all of them in two days.  On the evening where we would have run out of them, she asked me to get some more since Bryce wanted to go get a pie.  So we went.

Turns out the peaches were $0.99 a pound!  Unfortunately, by that time there weren’t that many good looking ones left so we only bought $3.99 worth.

We saved $11.55!!

I actually got a mini heart attack at first because the price came to $15.36 before I swiped my Safeway card.  So I was beginning to think my mom was crazy telling me this was a big sale.  Thankfully, the price was drastically reduced when I remembered that I hadn’t swiped the darn card yet.

Oh and that pie Bryce wanted?  We didn’t get one.  He neglected to say that he wanted only a slice (which I don’t think Safeway even sells).

So my mom got lucky.