I’ve known for a while that Bryce indulges me.  If I’m annoying or I whine enough, he’ll do just about whatever I want.  Isn’t that great?  Strategy folks, it’s all about strategy.

Lately I’ve been taking advantage of this fact.  You see, Bryce and I have been seeing a movie every weekend.  And I love icee’s.  And icee’s in the theater are expensive.  $5.25 for a medium (and since small doesn’t exist in Movieland, you’re forced to get a medium- not that I’m complaining).  If you’re real adventurous a large is $5.75.

It sure is sad that I know this.  But that’s not what we’re talking about.

Since I love icee’s, we just get them when we’re at the movies.  We don’t really think about the price too much anymore.  Because the fact is, if we walked outside, we could get an icee for about $4 cheaper.  But we’re not talking about that either.

I also LOVE movie popcorn.  For some reason it just tastes so much better there.  It could be because they drizzle delicious melted butter onto the popcorn.  Butter = heaven.  The thing is, I only eat popcorn with mochi crunch.

This costs $4 extra.  Which means eating popcorn costs about $9.  Plus my $5.25 icee.  On top of the two $10.25 tickets.  Going to the movies is expensive.

Anyway.  To top it all off, Bryce can never have enough salt on his popcorn so we sprinkle on the powder salt that the theater provides (darn them!).  Can you imagine how bad this is for you?  I don’t want to.

My thinking is that since it’s summer, I should just enjoy myself.  Am I right?  I won’t be seeing that many movies during the upcoming semester (most likely) because I won’t be seeing Bryce that much.  So just go for it.

And this, this is how I justify everything and make the world right again.

So indulge, friends.  That’s what I say.  (It doesn’t hurt to have an indulging boyfriend :))